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60A-80A Solar Charge Controller 960W-1920W 12V-24V Panel Battery Charge Controller

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If you are looking for an alternative energy resource, if you’d like to reduce the bills and live a more eco-friendly life - using solar energy is a great option for you. Basically, it lets you get energy out of nowhere. Nevertheless, in order to have a flawless experience with a solar energy and to enjoy using it all along, you need to pay a special attention when choosing solar supplies.


One of the great news is this: it’s a renewable energy source and we will never run out of it. The next news is this: every year the solar supplies become more and more affordable.


There are different brands which have a different quality and we know that. Which is why we choose the best ones among them, so that your purchase serves you well for a very long time.


Many people say that creating a proper solar power system is not easy. If you need some tips on how to start, or you already know something about it but still need to clear something, take a look at our regularly updated blog and a guide which walks you through the whole process of installing solar power system.


What is it that you need to take into consideration when choosing a power system which will serve you long? There are several things, and here are some of them: it’s wiring quality, panel quality and panel voltage output, switch gear durability, operating temperature ranges, inverter and panel matching. To read the whole list of them, please read the full guide on “How to choose your perfect solar power system”.


If you have questions, feel free to email us or contact us via live chat. If you need to return the purchase for some reason, we have a flexible return policy. We deliver the items all over the world and the delivery time takes 4-11 working days, depending on your location.


Whichever item you order, we’ll make sure you get it in time and enjoy the quality of the item purchased.


Have a sunny day!

Injection Monophase
Product warranty 2 years
Power 240 W
Efficiency 13-15%
Number of cycle 2500
Discharge rate 50%
Shipping Free Shipping
Inverter Type Grid inverter


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